Breathe for Parents & Children

Breathe supports parents in achieving optimal asthma control

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We're currently looking for parents of children with asthma that are open to share their experience in daily asthma management with us. Please let us know if you are happy to talk to us in a 20 minutes phone call by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Track Symptoms

With Breathe, you can track symptoms such as cough and wheezing breath. Breathe uses the tracked symptoms to issue early warnings about worsening asthma control.


Trigger Factors

Breathe shows you relevant trigger factors such as pollen and cold or humid air to and provides warnings, if they are currently present or forcasted.


Plan Activities

Breathe learns how specific activities influence asthma symptoms and helps you decide, if an activity is appropriate at any given time.


Medication Plan

Breathe reminds you about your child's medication plan and provides additional information about the medication to be taken. Never run out of medication again with early reminders.

Peak Expiratory Flow

Keep a Close Eye

In case you should keep an eye on peak flow values, Breathe has you covered. The simple traffic light system alerts you immediately, if action should be taken.


Always in Sync

Breathe lets you share your data with your doctor – in real time. Provide your doctor with up-to-date and complete context information for improved treatment efficiency.

Immediate asthma diagnosis and prediction for your child

We apply machine learning to the available asthma data you're tracking as part of your child’s daily asthma management (symptoms, medication intake, notes, Asthma Control Test values) to analyze your child's current condition and predict in which direction it’s most like to develop. Every time you make a new entry or complete a task from your Daily Asthma Management checklist, Breathe takes that new data and updates your child's personalized asthma profile to deliver you the newest insights and recommendations.

One-click help from your child’s pediatrician

Are you unsure about your child’s symptoms and need professional medical advice? With Breathe help and advice are just one click away - no appointment needed. Your child’s pediatrician get’s notified immediately to look up your child’s asthma over our web-based Patient Dashboard and call you back for clarification and next steps for you to take.

Price and Availability

Breathe is under active development. If you are interested in learning more and keeping up-to-date, don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter.

Breathe will be sold directly to parents for a moderate yearly fee.


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