Breathe aims to improve quality of life for families with young children affected by asthma.


Plan Activities

Breathe learns how specific activities influence asthma symptoms and helps you decide, if an activity is appropriate at any given time.

Track Symptoms

Breathe uses the tracked symptoms to warn you if specific activities should be avoided or if you should see your doctor.

Environmental Factors

Breathe shows you relevant factors such as pollen and cold or humid air to and tells you, if outdoor activities are problematic or not.

Medication Plan

Breathe reminds you about your child's medication plan and provides additional information about the medication to be taken.

Trigger Factors

Breathe helps you identify trigger factors for your child's asthma and suggests activities to avoid them.

Doctor Visits

Breathe let's you plan appointments and makes sure, your child's doctor get the full picture.




Communicate with Your Doctor

The Breathe asthma platform allows parents to automatically share their child's activity, symptoms, trigger factor exposure and more with their doctor. This allows doctors to make the best decisions for their child, optimizing medication plans and reducing symptoms overall.

The Breathe asthma platform is available for doctors.


The Breathe app is available to parents in two versions: The essential version provides all necessary tools to track symptoms and plan activities while the pro version adds intelligent suggenstions for activities and more fine-grained warnings based on environmental factors.

The Breathe asthma platform for doctors continuously collects data from all patients and gives doctors up-to-date insights into the current condition, trends and medications administered.

Essential Pro Doctors
Activity Planning
Symptoms Tracking
Data sharing with Doctors
Environment Alerts
Suggested Activities
Learn & Practice
Customizable Reports
Visual Analysis
Remote Monitoring
Patient Management
CHF 5 / month CHF 12 / month CHF 30 / month


Browser the Frequently Asked Questions or use the search field to find answers. If you have more questions, please contact us.

Can I use Breathe to track my own asthma?

For tracking asthma in adults, we recommend using our existing app "Asthma Tracker". It can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

When can I get the app?

Breathe will be available next year. Please drop us an e-mail to stay up-to-date.