Your digital asthma assistant

Asthma Tracker allows you to

Peak Flow Measurement

Take back Control

Tackle your asthma by actively tracking your asthma and related symptoms in detail and by efficiently managing your medication intake.

Optimize your Treatment

Optimize your Treatment

Get the best possible treatment based on the readings and entries in Asthma Tracker. The more you use it, the better your attending doctor can adjust your treatment to your individual needs and symptoms.

Make better use of your time

Save time and effort

Create your asthma diary entries fast, efficient and with just one hand. Whether you’re at home, outside doing sports or out for a night in the town with your friends – your personal, digital asthma diary is always with you.

Asthma Tracker on Google Android

Peak Flow

Quickly see the best reading of the day. The bigger the circle, the better your peak flow.


Puffs shows you the sum of all puffs taken during the whole day. Those bubbles better stay small.


What do your peak flow and your puffs mean? Compare them to your daily step count to see how active you've been.


Cough, sputum, wheezing breath and dysponea: You know all of them. The bars show you how severe they were on a particular day.


Your peak flow is above the upper level as set by your practictioner. Enjoy your day!
Caution: Your peak flow is below your upper limit.
Your peak flow has fallen below your lower limit! Do you feel alright?
Your best measurement was above your upper limit but there’s at least one measurement that’s significantly lower. Things may seem better at first glance than they actually are.


The symptoms cough, sputum, wheezing breath and dysponea give a good indication about the state of your asthma. Asthma Tracker lets you set the severity of each individual symptom once a day. You can always go back and adjust the selection if things get worse.

Connected Health

Asthma Tracker makes use of the built-in Apple Health app to make the most of your health data stored on your device. It can read existing peak flow values stored in Apple Health by other applications as well as read the number of steps from the integrated step-counter to assess your individual activity-level. This way you don’t lose already existing data once you start using Asthma Tracker and it relieves you from detailing your day-to-day activities. Asthma Tracker itself also stores all peak flow values you enter inside Apple Health giving you complete control over your peak flow data and which applications may access it. It also makes your peak flow data available to you no matter what happens to Asthma Tracker on your device.


Asthma Tracker can remind you to take your base medication, measure your peak flow or to enter your asthma related symptoms. Open the Reminder function in the main menu, set your preferred time, what you want to be reminded of – and voilà! Asthma Tracker will discreetly notify you with a message on your lockscreen. You can set as many daily reminders as you want and individually activate/deactivate, edit or delete each individual reminder.

Help us improve Asthma Tracker

Our goal is to help improve the lives of our users by making it as easy, effortless and comfortable to manage and keep track of their asthma. In order to do so we invite you to share your feedback, suggestions and feature requests with us so that we can tailor future releases of our app to your needs and problems.